I offer individual and couple therapy services to Los Angeles residents. In both treatment modalities, I work from an attachment perspective and am committed to being actively present during each session, as well as responsive and engaged with the issues and concerns that my clients bring to treatment.

Individual Therapy, Los Angeles, CA

I am particularly interested in how stress is manifested in our bodies and work with patients to help them to become more resilient. This includes helping individuals get in touch with their longings and feelings, which previously had remained un-worded, embedded in dreams and other private experiences.

Emotionally Focused Therapy

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) has been developed by Sue Johnson, Ph.D., out of her years of working with couples from an attachment based perspective. It has grown from a theory about understanding the basis of love to an internationally practiced approach for working with couples, individuals and families seeking to improve their relationships and life. There is now a growing body of research that validates the effectiveness of this approach with outcome rates that are statistically significant.

As humans we are social beings which means that we are born with the capacity to develop strong and enduring emotional bonds with those we are close with. This begins in infancy and continues into our adult relationships. When as an adult we form a relationship with another, we become bonded to that person as someone who is accessible, responsive and present. In this partnership, each person wants to believe that the other is there for them, no matter what.

When partners seek EFT, there is often an issue about the security of their connection. Instead of feeling the presence and engagement of the other, partners are engaged in a negative cycle or dance which is often repetitive and debilitating. This cycle erodes the fundamental basis of the partnership leaving the couple feeling as if they have lost the basis of their connection. EFT aims to help the partners identify their negative cycle as well as the triggers that cause their reactivity. Each partner gains an understanding of the longings that are beneath their reactive responses. Gradually the partners begin to turn back to each other, to repair their ruptures with compassion and caring that is the basis of their connection. Through the process of this experiential therapy, couples experience each other in new positive ways which is a transformative and vitalizing experience, both in body and mind.

Couple Therapy, Los Angeles, CA

As a couples therapist, I have become certified because of my extensive and ongoing training in emotionally focused therapy (EFT), a specific clinical approach developed by Dr. Susan Johnson. This approach emphasizes attachment and works with the partner’s emotional states and how these either enhance or disrupt the attachment bonds. Partners learn about their cycles of disruption and how to interrupt and repair these disjuntive states. In order to create a safe space, each partner has to feel both seen and attended to even while the focus is on the partnership more than either individual.

 Discernment Counseling

Discernment Counseling is not couple therapy. The protocol for this form of treatment was developed because many partners, even when they are contemplating divorce, are very ambivalent about what they actually want to do. Sometimes one partner wants to continue in the marriage while the other partner no longer feels this commitment. These couples are called mixed agenda couples. Discernment counseling is a structured form of therapy that works with each partner so that they can become clearer, discern, what they actually want to do. This process takes place over the course of 5 structured meetings in which the therapist works with each partner primarily individually to help them become clearer about what they are actually feeling. There are three possible outcomes: do nothing and continue in the unclear state, move towards a full separation, or commit to do couple therapy for agreed upon time usually at least 6 months.

I am a certified discernment counselor and understand the complexity faced by couples when one partner is in an ambivalent stance. From my perspective, discernment counseling, is an excellent way to help create greater understanding in this highly charged situation.

Couples Workshops

I offer Hold Me Tight® workshops for couples. This program was created by Sue Johnson Ph. D. a psychologist and researcher so that partners can take the time to be with each other and to consider how they are doing. Are they able to turn to each other? Are they able to feel they can have those difficult conversations? Do they have a way when they are feeling uncomfortable and or upset to repair what has happened? Learn more here.

Getting Started

To schedule a confidential consultation, contact me today. I look forward to meeting you and will approach each session as a process of examining what has meaning in life; a safe place to explore deeply meaningful personal issues; a collaborative atmosphere which encourages mutual engagement; and an integrated approach affecting the body and its symptoms that are affecting emotional functioning.