Hold Me Tight® is a program created by Sue Johnson Ph. D. a psychologist and researcher who has studied couples and their relationships. Dr. Johnson found that when couples feel secure and bonded to each other, they experience greater happiness and feelings of stability compared to partners who do not feel that their mate is there for them.

This attachment-based work is based on the concepts of reducing relational distress and helping couples create trust and intimacy. The principles of this work are based on the growing research on the emerging science of love and loving. Partners can learn to identify their feelings both when they are in a secure place as well as when there are conflictual moments. In any relationship, there are times when conflicts happen but when partners begin to feel that this becomes the primary pattern of the relationship, instead of feeling connected to each other, the partner’s pull away and withdraw, either in states of anger or resentment and despair.

This workshop has been created so that partners can take the time to be with each other and to consider how they are doing. Are they able to turn to each other? Are they able to feel they can have those difficult conversations? Do they have a way when they are feeling uncomfortable and or upset to repair what has happened? Do they feel known to each other and that the other really cares? Do they each feel that they can let the other know when they are experiencing hurt or pain?

Helping partners turn to each other creates a way of feeling protected from the battering and uncertainties of the unending problems associated with the illness. Turning to each other is more likely to happen when partners feel safe to express their deepest concerns. When couples can begin to turn to each other, they can interrupt this negative interaction, their dance, and bolster their sense of being, both individually and in their partnership.

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