Stressed. Hurt. Anxious. Worried. Angry. Low. We all experience these feelings at some point in life, but when these feelings become unmanageable by ourselves, we may need some assistance. I offer one-on-one counseling in Santa Monica and Encino, and am commited to being actively present during each session. I also work hard to stay responsive and engaged with the issues and concerns that you bring to treatment. Because of this commitment, we will be engaged in ongoing collaboration about your therapeutic process.

I approach each individual therapy session as to:

  • A process of examining what has meaning in life.
  • A safe place to explore deeply meaningful personal issues.
  • A collaborative atmosphere which encourages mutual engagement.
  • An integrated approach affecting the body and its symptoms that are affecting emotional functioning.

I also work from an attachment perspective. I am particularly interested in how stress is manifested in our bodies and work with patients to help them to become more resilient. This includes helping individuals get in touch with their longings and feelings which previously had remained un-worded, embedded in dreams and other private experiences.

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